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Biological products

Synergia® Split
  • 5 kg

Biological products

Synergia® Split

A biological product for decomposing crop residues

  • 5 kg

Trametes versicolor, Pleurotus ostreatus, Cellulomonas uda,
Cellulomonas gelida, Aspergillus awamori,
Trichoderma reesei, Bacillus subtilis
(1 x 10^9 cfu/g in total)

Application benefits

  • Accelerates the process of mineralization and humification of straw
  • Increases yield and quality of succeeding plant
  • Supports plant resistance to root diseases
  • Affects the production of phytohormones within the root system
  • Increases the abundance of nutrients available to plants in the soil
  • Helps to restore the microbial balance of the soil
  • Increases the content of humus in the soil

What distinguishes the biological product Synergia® Split?

Carefully selected composition and constant quality control

High concentration of effective strains of bacteria and fungi

Synergism of microorganisms

Compatibility with most agrochemicals

Long shelf life and high stability

When to use

The product is applied as a spray on crop residues after harvesting crops and in the spring on straw left in the field (e.g. after corn harvest) in order to accelerate the straw decomposition process and increase its efficiency.

Recommendations for use

After using Synergia® Split, it is recommended that plant residues be shallowly mixed with the soil, but it is not absolutely necessary.
Cultivated plantDose [kg/ha]Water amount [l/ha]
Cereals – average grain yield (from 4 t to 7 t from 1 ha)

Cereals – high grain yield (over 7 t from 1 ha)





Orchards, parks (on leaves)1.0400-500