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Our values

Comprehensive effects

CALDENA offers a wide range of products suitable for comprehensive use in agricultural, vegetable, and horticultural crops.

We understand the importance of precisely adjusting fertilization to climate and soil conditions, as well as to the nutritional requirements of plants in different developmental stages and the specific needs of growers. Therefore, our portfolio includes products for various applications: foliar fertilizers, mineral fertilizers, adjuvants, and biological products.

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CALDENA prioritizes Integrated Production, a management system that integrates the latest advancements in science and technology for rational plant fertilization. We ensure the innovation of our products to guarantee their safety and effective utilization by plants, meeting the standards of the Integrated Production (IP) system. This system aims to yield agricultural products of the highest quality.

CALDENA integrates knowledge, experience, and intelligent solutions.

Innovative approach

Only the highest quality selected raw materials, innovative technological solutions, the latest scientific achievements, and expert knowledge, combined with many years of experience, are utilized in the development of CALDENA products.

Modern scientific and research facilities, along with rigorous compliance with procedures, guarantee the stability, uniformity, and repeatability of CALDENA products, ensuring their composition is consistent with the declared content. Our products are distinguished by their highest quality, high concentration of ingredients, maximum effectiveness, and rapid action.

The effectiveness of CALDENA products is confirmed by results from field trials conducted on hundreds of thousands of hectares, making them recognizable and highly valued in many countries.

CALDENA products are built on a solid foundation established through knowledge, practical experience, and modern technologies.

Constant development

CALDENA has its own agricultural plantations. Drawing upon field observations and research findings from our Scientific and Research Department, we develop practical and proven fertilization programs that complement the highest quality CALDENA products.

CALDENA collaborates with renowned institutes and research centers worldwide. Our experts actively participate in national and international symposia and scientific seminars to stay updated on the latest advancements in agronomy and to promote sustainable agricultural development.

Scientific progress is the key to sustainable development and building responsible agriculture for the future.