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Who We Are

CALDENA was founded from passion for agriculture and horticulture

This is where we implement innovative solutions and technologies in agriculture and horticulture, enabling our customers to successfully achieve their goals and boost crop productivity.

CALDENA brings 15 years of experience to the European market, offering a diverse range of products. Our mineral fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, and adjuvants are primarily manufactured in the United States and Western Europe, with their quality, effectiveness, and safety validated by specialized laboratories both in Europe and globally.

CALDENA is dedicated to promoting the concept of sustainable development to enhance the quality of life for both current and future generations. Consequently, we prioritize environmental responsibility, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards for our products. We believe that increasing crop productivity must be accompanied by responsible stewardship of natural resources. Addressing climate change stands as humanity’s most pressing challenge today.

Together, let’s work towards securing a better future for our planet starting today!

Innovation is the key to improving conveyance quality and efficiency


Shaping the future of agriculture and horticulture through the practical application of specialized knowledge, in pursuit of modernity and perfection.


Developing innovative and effective products that not only set standards for safety and efficiency but also support farmers in achieving higher productivity while maintaining harmony with nature.

Advantages of CALDENA Products

  • 100% Quality Guarantee
  • Utilization of Modern Technologies
  • Carefully Selected Raw Materials
  • High-Quality Standards
  • Enhanced Security Measures
  • Proven Effectiveness

Above all, CALDENA is defined by the people who shape the history of our company

CALDENA is comprised of a team of experienced experts and advisors dedicated to collaboration, success, and the continuous expansion of their competencies. Knowledge, commitment, and credibility have been the pillars of our company since its inception.