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Let’s forge the future of agriculture together!

At CALDENA, we prioritize professionalism, accountability, and trust. Rather than adhere to rigid schemes and corporate attitudes, we recognize the unique needs of each client, requiring a personalized approach and flexibility. That’s why we begin our partnerships from scratch, thoroughly understanding the needs of our business partners to establish optimal conditions for both parties.

For 15 years, CALDENA has been a leader in the industry, offering products for agriculture and horticulture, including mineral fertilizers, organic fertilizers, foliar fertilizers, and adjuvants. Our prominent position in the market is attributed to a team of practitioners, experts, and scientists. You too can become a part of it as our distributor.

Together, we can achieve more

Let’s pioneer the agriculture of the future, scaling the highest peaks together and constructing sturdy bridges. All it takes is to become a distributor of CALDENA’s professional products, renowned not only for their composition but also for their packaging. This ensures that knowledge and action are coupled with utility and aesthetics. Effective sales tools and support from specialists are the keys to success.

Partnering with us brings you these benefits:

  • A diverse range of reputable and top-quality products
  • Products readily available from stock
  • Professional products with a proven market position
  • Guidance and support from agrotechnical experts
  • Tailored product training to meet your specific needs
  • Essential marketing materials crafted by a team of professionals

Explore distributorship opportunities with CALDENA

  • We think outside the box.
  • We customize our offers for everyone.
  • Collaborate with us and spread your wings.
  • Together, we will take a step towards the agriculture of the future.

Email: info@caldena.com

Phone: +48 800 100 000