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Biological products

Synergia® Blue
  • 1 kg, 5 kg

Biological products

Synergia® Blue

A microbiological fertilizer product with multifunctional effects, intended for application to the soil and for dressing seeds and tubers.

  • 1 kg, 5 kg

Paenibacillus nitrogenofixans
Bacillus megaterium
Bacillus mucilaginosus
Bacillus mycoides
Bacillus subtilis
Bacillus licheniformis
Trichoderma viride
Mycorrhizal fungus
Total 1x10^9 cfu/g

Application benefits

  • Effectively binds atmospheric nitrogen
  • Enables the recovery of phosphorus and potassium from inaccessible forms
  • Stimulates the development of the root system and cooperation with microorganisms (mycorrhiza)
  • Increases the natural resistance of plants to pathogens
  • Increases resistance to drought
  • Improves the efficiency of using mineral and organic fertilizers
  • Increases the growth rate of plants and enhances the yield

What distinguishes the biological growth stimulator Synergia® Blue?

Carefully selected composition and constant quality control

High concentration of effective strains of bacteria and fungi

Synergism of microorganisms

Compatibility with most agrochemicals

Long shelf life and high stability

When to use

The preparation is applied as a spray before, during or immediately after sowing; on leaves until the soil is covered; intended for seed and tuber treatment.

Recommendations for use

Soil spray
Cultivated plantDoseRecommendations
Cereals, rape, corn, potatoes, sugar beet, sunflower, beans0.25 kg/haSpray before sowing, during sowing and on leaves in the early stages of development.
Vegetables0.25 kg/haSpray or water before sowing, during sowing, or up to two weeks after sprouting.
Fruit trees and shrubs0.25 kg/haWater at the beginning of active shoot growth; repeat when the roots are fully active.
Ornamental plants0.25 kg/ha

or 1 g/1 l of water

Water after planting seedlings or trees, or after pruning trees.
Perennial plants1 g/1 l of waterWater at the beginning of rooting, repeat once every three months.
Flowers1-1.5 g/1 l of waterApply during germination or to the root zone while rooting.


Cultivated plantDoseRecommendations
Cereals1 kg/tTotal solution amount 10 l/t
Potatoes1-2 kg/tTotal solution amount 30 l/t
Legumes1 kg/tTotal solution amount 10 l/t
Vegetables1-2 kg/tTotal solution amount 30 l/t
Ornamental plants1-2 kg/tTotal solution amount 30 l/t