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Stimulating Foliar Fertilizers

MicroSpeed® Smart
  • 10 l

Stimulating Foliar Fertilizers

MicroSpeed® Smart

Multi-component solid inorganic macronutrient fertilizer with a non-microbial biostimulant, NPK 6-6-6.

  • 10 l

6% total nitrogen (N)
1.2% nitrogen in the form of ammonium nitrogen (N-NH4)
4.8% nitrogen in the form of urea nitrogen (N-NH2)
6% phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) (= 2.6% P) soluble in water
6% potassium oxide (K2O) (= 5% K) soluble in water

Application benefits

  • Activates vital processes of plants in stressful situations
  • Helps plants overcome stress and mitigates its effects
  • Increases plants’ ability to bind water and helps them survive periodic droughts
  • Increases the chlorophyll content in leaves and the photosynthetic activity of plants
  • Stimulates biomass growth
  • Improves the flowering, size and quality of usable crop

What makes foliar fertiliser Agravita® Smart stand out?

Liquid formulation

Gentle extraction process of hand-picked brown algae

High concentration of Ascophyllum nodosum extract

Rich source of bioactive substances

Synergy of brown algae and nutrients

When to use

Use preventively and as an intervention measure throughout the growing season to prepare plants to fight stress and reduce its negative effects.

Recommendations for use

CropDosage [l/ha]Amount of water [l/ha]Number of applicationsTime of application
Cereals1-3200-3002-3Autumn, in the phase from 2 to 4 leaves. Spring, from the start of vegetation to the milk maturity of the grain.
Rape1-3200-3002-3Autumn, in the phase from 2 to 10 leaves. Spring, from the start of vegetation until the end of green bud phase.
Corn1-3200-3002From 3-leaf phase to technical possibility of application
Potatoes1-3200-3002-3From full emergence until the tuber formation phase.
Beetroots1-3200-3002-3From 3-leaf phase to the intensive root growth phase.
Faba bean plants1-3200-3002-3From full emergence to the beginning of flowering; in the phase of first pod appearance and in the phase of pod ripening.
Vegetables1-3400-6002-3In the intensive growth phase and no later than 14 days before harvest, at 10-14 day intervals.
Fruit trees and bushes3-5500-10002-3From the start of vegetative growth to the flowering phase, at 10-14 day intervals.
Grassland1-3200-3002-3From the start of spring vegetation until mid-September – 7-10 days after each swath/grazing.