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HGA Foliar Fertilizers

  • 10 l

HGA Foliar Fertilizers


Simple inorganic micronutrient fertilizer, mineral micronutrient fertilizer, 5% Cu solution

  • 10 l

5% copper (Cu) complexed by HGA soluble in water (equivalent to 60 g/l)

Application benefits

  • Copper complexed with biodegradable and durable heptagluconic acid
  • Exhibits a strong systemic effect, limiting washability from the plant surface
  • Rapid absorption by leaves and full compatibility with the metabolism of fertilized plants
  • Demonstrates preventive effects and limits infection by pathogens
  • Participates in numerous enzymatic processes, particularly in the production of phytoalexins and lignin synthesis
  • Bioactive copper maintains a low concentration, reducing the risk of phytotoxicity
  • Environmentally friendly

What makes foliar fertiliser HEPTA® Cu stand out?

Copper complexed with heptagluconic acid

Very fast solubility in water

Stable in the pH range from 4 to 9

Highly digestible and moves quickly inside the plant

Compatible with most agrochemicals

Environmentally friendly

Heptagluconic acid (hereinafter referred to as “HGA acid”) is an organic complexing agent in fertilizers containing micronutrients. HGA acid is effective, biodegradable, has good stability over a wide range of pH values, and high solubility in water. The use of HGA has been authorized for many years in Spain, and no harm to the environment or human health has been reported during that time [COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2016/1618 of 8 September 2016].

Recommendations for use



Agricultural crops1-4 l/ha
Vegetable and fruit crops2-4 l/ha
Seed dressing2-5 l/t