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Liquid Foliar Fertilizers

Agravita® Galaxy
  • 5 l, 20 l

  • 1000 l

Liquid Foliar Fertilizers

Agravita® Galaxy

Liquid inorganic macronutrient fertilizer NK (S), containing micronutrients, 5-15 (+25)

  • 5 l, 20 l

  • 1000 l

5% total nitrogen (N) (= 66 g/l)
5% nitrogen in the form of urea nitrogen (N-NH2) (= 66 g/l)
15% potassium oxide (K2O) (= 12.5% ​​K) soluble in water (= 199 g/l)
25% sulfur trioxide (SO3) (= 10% S) soluble in water (= 332 g/l)
0.01% manganese (Mn) chelated by EDTA soluble in water (= 0.13 g/l)
0.01% zinc (Zn) chelated by EDTA soluble in water (= 0.13 g/l)

Application benefits

  • Supports natural plant resistance to pathogens and pests
  • Stimulates the breakdown of active ingredients of herbicides
  • Improves the efficiency of nitrogen fertilisation
  • Increases plant tolerance to drought and frost
  • Intensifies the yellow colour of rape flowers
  • Improves yield quality parameters – increases protein, gluten, fat, vitamin C, carotene, starch, sucrose

What makes foliar fertiliser Agravita® Galaxy stand out?

Liquid formulation

Quick and complete solubility in water

Potassium thiosulphate as a valuable source of potassium and sulphur

Modern sulphur in thiosulphate form with antiseptic properties

Support of plant vitality

When to use

For use during the autumn growing season and intensive growth and generative organ formation

Recommendations for use

CropDosage [l/ha]Amount of water [l/ha]Number of applicationsTime of application
Cereals2-3200-3002-3Autumn, from 3-leaf phase Spring, from the start of vegetation to the milk maturity of the grain.
Rape2-4200-3002-3Autumn, from 4-6 leaf phase. Spring, from the start of vegetation until the end of green bud phase. At the petal drop stage
Corn3-4200-3001-2From 4-leaf phase to technical possibility of application
Potatoes2-3200-3002From full emergence until the end of the flowering phase.
Beetroots3-4200-3001-2From 3-4 leaf phase to the intensive root growth phase.
Faba bean plants2-3200-3001-2From full emergence to the beginning of flowering.
Tobacco2-4200-3002-3From the time the seedlings take root until the last technical possibility of application.
Vegetables2-4400-6002-3In the intensive fruit growth phase, at 2-week intervals.
Fruit trees and bushes2-4500-10002-3From the beginning of fruit development, at 2-week intervals.
Grassland2-3200-3002-3From the start of spring vegetation until mid-September – 7-10 days after each swath/grazing.