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Foliar micro-nutrient fertilisers

Agravita® Cu EDTA Plus
  • 3 kg

Foliar micro-nutrient fertilisers

Agravita® Cu EDTA Plus

Fertiliser produced using modern American technology that activates nutrient uptake

  • 3 kg

Copper (Cu) 8% EDTA chelated
+ N – 5%, MgO – 2.5%, Mn – 2%, Zn – 3%

Application benefits

  • Stimulates the tillering of cereals
  • Improves the resistance of plants to fungal pathogens
  • Promotes the setting of spikelets in the ear
  • Stiffens cell walls and improves the resistance of plants to lodging
  • Prevents the reduction of cereal ear-bearing steams
  • Improves pollen viability and increases the number of grains per ear
  • Controls nitrogen transfer from leaves and stalks to caryopses – higher protein and gluten content

What makes foliar fertiliser Agravita® Cu EDTA Plus stand out?

Modern American technology to activate nutrient uptake

Instant and complete solubility in water

A set of micronutrients tailored to the nutritional needs of cereals

Very fast assimilation and efficient use of nutrients by plants

Small dosage – maximum effectiveness

When to use

Particularly effective on light, sandy soils; rich in organic matter (copper binding by humus compounds); for soil pH above 6.5; on poorly oxygenated soils; under conditions of soil water deficiency; when high doses of nitrogen and phosphorus are applied; during the occurrence of copper deficiency symptoms

Recommendations for use

CropDosage [kg/ha]Amount of water [l/ha]Number of applicationsTime of application
Cereals0.3-0.5200-3002Autumn, from 3-leaf phase Spring, from the start of vegetation to the second node phase.
Rape0.3-0.5200-3001-2Autumn, from 4-6 leaf phase. Spring, from the start of vegetation until the end of green bud phase.
Corn0.3-0.5200-3001-24-8 leaf phase
Potatoes0.3-0.5200-3001-2From full emergence until the end of the flowering phase.
Beetroots0.3-0.5200-3001-2From 4-leaf phase until the interrows are covered.
Faba bean plants0.3-0.5200-3001-2From full emergence to the beginning of flowering.
Vegetables0.3-0.5400-6002-3During the intensive growth period, at 10-14 day intervals.
Fruit trees and bushes0.3-0.5500-10002-3As a preventive or intervention measure in the entire growing season.
Grassland0.3-0.5200-3002-3From the start of spring vegetation until mid-September – 7-10 days after each swath/grazing.