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Calcium Foliar Fertilizers

Agravita® Ca Plus
  • 5 kg

Calcium Foliar Fertilizers

Agravita® Ca Plus

Solid inorganic macronutrient fertilizer NK (Ca) mineral fertilizer containing micronutrients 10-10 (14)

  • 5 kg

10% total nitrogen (N)
10% nitrate nitrogen
10% potassium oxide (K2O) (=8.3%K) soluble in water
14% calcium in the form of calcium oxide (CaO)(=10%Ca) soluble in water
3% boron (B) in the form of water-soluble acid
0.3% manganese (Mn) in the form of EDTA soluble in water
0.5% zinc (Zn) chelated with EDTA, soluble in water

Application benefits

  • Prevents physiological diseases caused by calcium deficiency
  • Stimulates the development of the root system and the formation of root hairs
  • Improves the firmness and colouring of fruit and vegetables
  • Increases mechanical resistance and plant vitality
  • Promotes the even ripening of fruits and vegetables
  • Improves the quality and storage parameters of crops

What makes foliar fertiliser Agravita® Ca stand out?

American technology to activate nutrient uptake

Quick and complete solubility in water

Excellent miscibility

Easy assimilation and fast availability for plants

Efficient calcium nutrition

When to use

For use throughout the entire growing season, as a preventative or intervention measure, especially during generative development; during cool spring; under conditions of soil drought and high temperatures; with intensive fertilisation with potassium and magnesium and nitrogen in the form of ammonium; when symptoms of calcium deficiency occur

Recommendations for use

CropDosage [kg/ha]Amount of water [l/ha]Number of applicationsTime of application
Cereals1-4200-3002-3Autumn, from 2-4 leaf phase. Spring, from the start of vegetation to the second or third node phase.
Rape2-4200-3001-2From the main shoot growth phase until the end of the green bud phase. At the petal drop stage
Corn1-4200-3001-2From 6-leaf phase to technical possibility of application.
Potatoes2-4200-3002-4From full emergence until the tuber formation phase.
Beetroots2-4200-3002-3From 8-leaf phase to the intensive root growth phase.
Faba bean plants2-4200-3001-2From the beginning of the flowering phase until the pod filling phase.
Vegetables1-3400-6002-3During the intensive growth period, at 10-14 day intervals.
Fruit trees and bushes1-3500-10003-6From the petal fall phase to fruit harvest, at 7-14 day intervals.
Strawberry and raspberry1-25003-5From the beginning of flowering to the fruit harvest, at 7-day intervals.
Tobacco1-2200-3001-3From 4-5 leaf phase to technical possibility of application.