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CALDENA® creates modern solutions and supports the future of agriculture.

Discover our wide range of brands –
Synergia®, Agravita®, Nutripack®, MicroSpeed®, MacroSpeed®, N-Opti®,
Organic Booster®, Smart Organic Farming®, Agrohity®.


Synergia® is a brand based on the agroecological concept. We integrate nature with science, creating environmentally friendly biological products that are in harmony with sustainable development. We translate knowledge from biological sciences into products that increase yields, at the same time improving soil biodiversity and decreasing the need for mineral fertilizers.


Agravita® is a unique series of foliar products, macronutrient and micronutrient fertilisers and adjuvants that are produced primarily in the United States and Western Europe. These renowned products are made from a combination of selected raw materials and innovative manufacturing technologies, and on the basis of years of laboratory and field test results. The effectiveness of Agravita® fertilisers and adjuvants has been confirmed on experimental plantations at the Research Centre for Cultivar Testing (COBORU).


Nutripack® is a brand name of Agravita® key foliar fertiliser packages for specific crops, i.e. cereals, rape, corn, potato, beet. Each Nutripack® package contains Agravita® Aktiv stimulating fertilisers and Agravita® EDTA Plus micro-nutrient fertilisers, which are tailored to the needs of plants at specific growth phases. These packages are a convenient and comprehensive multi-directional solution.


MicroSpeed® is a breakthrough line of organic-mineral foliar fertilisers that combine bioactive and nutritional ingredients. MicroSpeed® fertilisers have an anti-stress and bio-simulating effect. They help plants overcome environmental stress and activate key physiological processes in the plant that are essential for yield.


MacroSpeed® is a series of premium-quality granulated mineral fertilisers. MacroSpeed® fertilisers are characterised by a balanced composition of nutrients in forms that are easily absorbed by plants and have excellent physical parameters. The even granulation and optimal granule size of MacroSpeed® fertilisers enable them to be spread evenly over large distances.


N-Opti® is a brand that supports the efficient use of nitrogen and minimises nitrogen losses. N-Opti® is a liquid mineral fertiliser containing ammonium thiosulfate, designed to be combined with urea and ammonium nitrate solution or liquid manure. N-Opti® reduces washout of nitrates into deeper soil layers and reduces ammonia volatilisation. Optimal nitrogen fertilisation is environmentally friendly and maximises yield.

Organic Booster<sup>®</sup>

Organic Booster® is a top-quality granulated organic fertiliser. Provides the support that the soil needs to preserve productivity and meet requirements of high-yield agriculture. Organic Booster® is also recommended for use in organic farms thanks to the continuous quality control and selection of the highest quality raw materials as well as the our ECOCERT certificate.

Smart Organic Farming<sup>®</sup>

SOF® is a European brand that has introduced the idea of sustainable agriculture based on a thoughtful strategy of organic fertilisation. The Smart Organic Farming® line is a breakthrough on the Polish market. Care for environmental protection and proper condition of soils is not only a product but also an informational mission. With an eye toward future generations, we are beginning to act in a way that shows that the soil is what matters.


Agrohity® is a dynamic Promotional Campaign in which everyone can win valuable Agrohit – an attractive bonus in the form of products. The bigger the purchase, the bigger the profit! Join us. Agrohity® is waiting for you!