Globalised agriculture of the 21st century and climate change require the implementation of sustainable development.

CALDENA® uses science, knowledge and practice to create superior products and build a better, stable future in collaboration with experts.

all-in-one properties

With sustainability in mind

We set the best standards to promote smart and responsible farming.

The comprehensive CALDENA® portfolio makes it possible to precisely adjust fertilisation to climate and soil conditions and the nutritional requirements of plants in various phases of growth.

The multi-functional use of CALDENA® products addresses the growing needs of crops that often experience difficulties such as adverse weather conditions, ion antagonism, stress, damage, delayed sowing, weakened growth and element deficiency.

To create the highest quality products we use innovative technological solutions, selected raw materials, scientific achievements and experience.

Modern laboratories and scientific research facilities, unique production technologies and adherence to procedures guarantee the stability, homogeneity and repeatability of our products and ensure that the composition is consistent with the declared content.

CALDENA® fertilisers are manufactured mainly in the United States and Western Europe, which guarantees access to modern laboratories and advanced production technologies.

The main pillar of the company is to bring safe, effective, proven and highly efficient products to the market. CALDENA® partners with renowned institutes and research centres around the world.