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Strengthen cereals before winter and help them resist winter stress


MicroSpeed® Smart

Organic-mineral fertiliser
containing brown algae extract
(Ascophyllum nodosum)
and phosphorus and potassium

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What makes foliar fertiliser Agravita® Smart stand out?

Liquid formulation

High concentration of Ascophyllum nodosum extract

Rich source of bioactive substances

Synergy of brown algae and nutrients

Anti-stress and bio-stimulating effect8

Did you know that …

  • … brown algae contained in the MicroSpeed® Smart fertiliser are a valuable source of bioactive substances stimulating vital plant processes.
  • Brown algae extract contains laminarin, alginates (salts of alginic acid), betaines, prolines, cytokinins, auxins and auxin-like substances.
  • Ascophyllum nodosum extract contains 50 mg of indolylacetic acid in 1 gram of dry matter.

MicroSpeed® Smart – helps plants get ready for winter.

Activates the plant’s vital processes under stress conditions and makes it easier to overcome them
Ascophyllum nodosum – mechanisms involved in enhancing plant resistance to environmental stresses:

Stimulates the development of the root system and tillering

  • a strong root system results in more efficient use of mineral nutrients from the soil and better overwintering
  • Autumn tillering determines the yield-forming potential of cereals.

Quickly supplies phosphorus and potassium
under conditions of low temperatures, which limit the availability of elements from the soil (especially phosphorus)

Increases the chlorophyll content in leaves and intensifies photosynthesis

  • increased production of assimilates
  • higher concentration of cell sap, which lowers the cryoscopic point at which cell sap freezes

Improves nutrient uptake and utilisation,
among other things, by stimulating the activity of enzymes involved in plant nutrition processes