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Ready for autumn? 👉 Agravita® Galaxy + Agravita® Boron 15

Building yield potential and winter hardiness

Agravita® Galaxy Agravita® Boron 15
Packaging: 20 lPackaging: 10 l

Agravita® Galaxy

NK 6.6-19.9

+ high sulphur content – 33.2%
+ manganese*, zinc*
* EDTA chelated micronutrients

Dosage: 2-3 l/ha

  • improves vitality
    – content of modern sulphur in thiosulphate form with antiseptic properties
    – increasing plant resistance to pathogens and pests
    – synthesis of lignins that build plant cell walls – stronger mechanical tissue increasing resistance to pathogen penetration
    – secretion of hydrogen sulphide which is toxic to fungi on the surface of the leaf blade
    – reducing the susceptibility of oilseed rape to pathogens by reducing the amount of low molecular nitrogen compounds, amino acids and amides in cell sap (which are a source of supply for bacteria and fungi)
  • optimises the use of nitrogen
  • stimulates the breakdown of active ingredients of herbicides
  • helps plants survive periodic droughts – regulates stomata and water use by the plant
  • improves the winter hardiness of rape
    – increasing photosynthesis and dry matter accumulation in tissues
    – increasing the concentration of potassium ions and sugar in cells, which lowers the freezing point of cell sap
    – improving cell membrane elasticity and thus increasing its resistance to damage by ice crystals
    – preventing excessive hydration of tissues and increasing resistance to frost
  • helps plants to overcome frost

Agravita® Boron 15

B – 15%

Dosage: 1-1,5 l/ha

  • contributes to the proper development of tissues and organs, including lateral shoots
  • responsible for the development of the root hair zone – improved nutrient and water uptake
  • supports the formation of a thicker root neck of oilseed rape, in which the plant stores reserves and uses in spring at the start of vegetation – faster resumption of vegetation and regeneration after winter
  • prevents the formation of characteristic cracks under the root neck of rape, the so-called caverns, which are the doorway to the penetration of pathogens causing rot
  • improves the vitality of oilseed rape – plays a crucial role in the synthesis of defence compounds produced by the plant at the point of infection
  • improves mechanical resistance (lignin synthesis), which translates into increased plant resistance to low temperatures (the higher the lignin saturation of the walls, the less space there is for water accumulation) and pathogens
  • enhances carbohydrate metabolism and storage – increases the concentration of sugars in cell sap and lowers its freezing point – greater frost resistance

Agravita® Galaxy + Agravita® Boron 15


Higher resistance to pathogensHigher resistance to droughtHigher winter hardiness

Good to know!

Hardening is a process of plant acclimatisation to low temperatures.
Insufficient supply of potassium to rape causes changes in leaf chemistry and can reduce its frost resistance by as much as 3-6 degrees.