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Agravita® Aktiv 70 + Agravita® Galaxy against falling petals

During the period of falling petals in rape, it is recommended to use foliar fertilization in combination with fungicide treatments to support the development of the proper yield structure.
Agravita® Aktiv 70 and Agravita® Galaxy fertilizers regulate the proper growth of pods and seeds and support natural resistance to pathogens.


Alone effective, in a duo unrivaled

Agravita® Aktiv 70

Maximizes the utilisation of rape’s genetic potential

Dose: 0,5 kg/ha

  • Stimulating fertilizer
  • Improves the transport of assimilates to pods – higher TSW
  • Quickly improves the vigour and condition of plants
  • Evens the maturation of seeds in pods
  • Strengthens the pods
  • Improves seed oiling

Agravita® Galaxy

Potassium thiosulphate as a valuable source of potassium and sulphur

Dose: 2 l/ha

  • Contains sulphur in the form of thiosulphate with antiseptic properties
  • Activates plant defence mechanisms against pathogens
  • Affects the synthesis of lignin, which is the main building component of the cell wall
  • Makes it easier for plants to survive periodic droughts
  • Increases the yield-forming efficiency of nitrogen
  • Increases the fat content in rape seeds
  • Enhances the nutritional value of the oil by increasing the proportion of unsaturated fatty acids

Agravita® Aktiv 70 + Agravita® Galaxy
= higher TSW and better rapeseed oiling