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Agravita® Aktiv 48 – recipe for delayed sowing of rape

The prolonged harvest has resulted in considerable delays in fieldwork and the sowing of winter rape. Oilseed rape sowing is significantly delayed in some regions.

How can we accelerate plant growth rate and make up for developmental delays?

Agravita® Aktiv 48

Stimulating fertiliser

Dosage: 0.5 kg/ha
Time of application:
2-4 leaf phase

Agravita® Aktiv 48 is an antidote to:

  • delayed sowing
  • uneven growth
  • underdeveloped root system
  • slower growth
  • poor condition
  • herbicidal damage
  • adverse weather conditions

Benefits of using Agravita® Aktiv 48:

  • regulates the rate of cell division
  • balances growth of rape
  • stimulates the development of the root system
  • increases plant resistance to water and thermal stress
  • counteracts growth inhibition under stress conditions
  • accelerates oilseed rape regeneration after herbicide damage
  • Alleviates the effects of stress
  • accelerates the recovery and growth of oilseed rape leaves
  • quickly improves plant health and vitality

Effectiveness proven in the field

oilseed rape plantation before foliar fertilisation:

• delayed sowing
• uneven growth
• poor condition

effects after 7 days of using the foliar fertiliser Agravita® Aktiv 48:

• intensive biomass growth
• better plant vitality and condition
• higher resistance to stress conditions

effects after using the package of Agravita® foliar fertilisers:

• Agravita® Galaxy
• Agravita® Boron 15
• Agravita® Mn