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Agravita® Aktiv 48 – 250 grams will add power to 1 ton of grain

Win the race for your dream crop

Agravita® Aktiv 48

Apply together with seed dressings:
250 g/1 ton of grain

Don’t forget about foliar fertilisation:
0.5 kg/ha

Best-selling CALDENA®

Stimulating fertiliser

Manufactured in the USA

Instant and complete solubility in water

Small dosage, maximum effectiveness

Effectiveness confirmed by laboratory and field tests

Purpose of treating winter cereal grains with Agravita® Aktiv 48

Nawóz Agravita® Aktiv 48 ogranicza negatywny wpływ warunków stresowych, wpływa na szybkie i równomierne wschody, łagodzi skutki opóźnionych siewów, poprawia ukorzenienie młodych roślin.

Multi-functional application of Agravita® Aktiv 48

Seed treatment:

  • increases energy and germination strength – rapid and even emergence of cereals
  • improves vigour and health of seedlings
  • ensures dynamic plant development from the early stages of growth

Dosage: 250-300 g/1 ton of seeds (incl. seed dressing)

Foliar fertilisation:

  • stimulates the development of the root system and tillering
  • enhances plant regeneration and improves the condition of plants
  • increases cereals’ resistance to low temperatures and drought

Dosage: 0.5 kg/ha

In autumn, apply as an intervention measure in the case of delayed sowings, poor condition, uneven growth, poor tillering.

Preparation of the solution per ton of grain:

  1. Measure the desired amount of water according to the seed dressing label.
  2. Add a measured amount of Agravita® Aktiv 48 fertiliser (250-300 grams / 1 ton of grain) to the water.
  3. Mix it (Agravita® Aktiv 48 has very high solubility).
  4. Then add the measured amount of seed dressing and mix.
  5. Pour the prepared solution into the seed treatment machine.