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Experimental plantations

CALDENA® plantations – transfer of knowledge to practice

We have been running specialised experimental plantations for many years.

Before launching on the market, the CALDENA® products are tested and analysed for effectiveness on different soil types, plant species and under different climatic conditions. We promote smart agronomic solutions as a way to increase productivity and yield quality without harming the natural environment. We put knowledge into practice, implement innovative technologies, and thus we are able to meet the needs of modern agriculture. Based on field and laboratory research, we develop comprehensive fertilisation programmes.

When applied at the optimum time, in the right dose and with the right spraying technique, CALDENA® products guarantee a better use of the genetic yield potential of the plants and make it possible to obtain safe and healthy food. They meet the expectations of conscious consumers and are in line with the principles of Integrated Production, providing a good foundation for sustainable agriculture.

There is no room for coincidence at the CALDENA® experimental plantations. Every action, from sowing to fertilisation and protection, is a well thought-out strategy with science at the core, balanced fertilisation at the centre, and field success at the top.