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Liquid mineral fertilisers

  • 1000 l

Liquid mineral fertilisers


Top-quality liquid mineral fertiliser

  • 1000 l

Ammoniacal nitrogen (N-NH4) 12% m/m | 16% m/v | 160 g/l
Sulphur trioxide (SO3) soluble in water 65% m/m | 86.3 m/v | 863 g/l

Application benefits

  • Optimises the use of liquid nitrogen fertiliser
  • Increases the availability of nitrogen to plants
  • Reduces nitrogen losses due to volatilisation and washout:
    – reduces the rate of ammonia evaporation
    – slows down nitrification
  • Extends nitrogen availability time
  • Boosts the rate of transformation of nitrogen taken up
    by the plant into protein
  • Makes it possible to reduce nitrogen application rate
  • Reduces soil salinity and improves
    its structure

What makes mineral fertiliser N-Opti® stand out?

Liquid formulation

Active ammonium thiosulphate

High concentration of easily absorbable sulphur


Easy to mix with urea and ammonium nitrate solution

When to use

For any application of liquid nitrogen fertilisers (urea and ammonium nitrate solution or liquid manure); on soils characterised by a low and very low abundance of assimilable forms of sulphur.

Recommendations for use

.To prepare mixtures with RSM or liquid manure, the ratio of N-Opti to RSM should be about 10-20%. A higher dose is required in the case of high demand of plants for sulphur, e.g. in the first spring treatment.