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Special purpose fertilizers

MicroSpeed® Energy
  • 1 l, 5 l

Special purpose fertilizers

MicroSpeed® Energy

with revolutionary IRC technology

  • 1 l, 5 l

IRC (Chlorophyll Breakdown Inhibitor) 2 g/l, pidolic acid 320 g/l

Application benefits

  • Inhibits the breakdown of chlorophyll under stress conditions
  • Significantly increases the concentration of chlorophyll and the efficiency of photosynthesis
  • Delays the natural yellowing of leaves as a result of aging
  • Accelerates the regeneration and reconstruction of green parts of plants damaged as a result of abiotic stress
  • Extends the vegetation period of plants, which allows the maximum use of their genetic potential
  • Increases the efficiency of nitrogen utilisation and neutralises the accumulation of toxic ammonia under stress conditions

What distinguishes the MicroSpeed® Energy?

unique combination of two active substances

content of a breakthrough plant hormone – IRC

most effective plant anti-aging tool

very low dosage

safety for the natural environment

When to use

Prophylactically or as an intervention to inhibit the degradation of chlorophyll as a result of stress factors (drought, extremely high air temperatures, salinity) or aging of plants; when reducing the dosage of nitrogen fertilizers.

Recommendations for use

CultivationDosage [l/ha]Amount of water [l/ha]Application period
Cereals0,2-0,25100-300BBCH 25-55
Oilseed rape0,2-0,25100-300BBCH 18-61

BBCH 70-79

Maize0,2-0,25100-300BBCH 13-18
Potato0,2-0,25100-300BBCH 20-79
Sugar beet0,2-0,25100-300BBCH 14-39
Peas0,2-0,25100-300BBCH 12-55

BBCH 70-79

Sunflower0,2-0,25100-300BBCH 18-65