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Organic-mineral foliar fertilisers

Agravita® Aktiv 48 Plus
  • 2 kg, 5 kg

Organic-mineral foliar fertilisers

Agravita® Aktiv 48 Plus

Synergistic fertiliser produced using modern American technology

  • 2 kg, 5 kg

NPK 8-20-20
+ boron (B), copper (Cu)*, iron (Fe)*, manganese (Mn)*, zinc (Zn)*+ kinetin, fulvic acids, humic acids, amino acids*EDTA chelated micronutrients

Application benefits

  • Stimulates and regulates cell division and plant growth
  • Activates the development of the root system
  • Increases leaf blade area and photosynthesis efficiency
  • Promotes plant regeneration after herbicide, frost and post-winter damage
  • Quickly improves the vigour and health of plants
  • Increases resistance to environmental and crop stresses
  • Stimulates crop growth

What makes multi-functional fertiliser Agravita® Aktiv 48 Plus stand out?

Modern American production technology

Instant and complete solubility in water

Small dosage – maximum effectiveness

Fast acting – effects visible within 7 days

Regulation of vegetative growth

When to use

Preventively during vegetative growth or as an intervention: delayed sowing, uneven and slowed growth, poor condition, herbicide and weather damage, poorly developed root system, poor tillering of cereals

Recommendations for use

Foliar fertilisation
CropDosage [kg/ha]Amount of water [l/ha]Number of applicationsTime of application
Cereals0.52002-3Autumn, for late sowing and poor tillering. Spring, from the start of vegetation to the flag leaf phase.
Rape0.52002-3Autumn, in 2-4 leaf phase (especially in case of delayed sowing, uneven growth, poor condition, herbicide damage). Spring, from the start of vegetation until the main shoot elongation phase.
Corn0.52002From 2-leaf phase to 7-leaf phase
Potatoes0.52001-2From full emergence to shoot formation phase.
Beetroots0.52002-3From 2-leaf phase until the interrows are covered.
Faba bean plants0.52001-2From emergence to the beginning of flowering.
Tobacco0.53002After the seedlings have taken root. Then in 14 days’ time.
Vegetables0.52002-4In the intensive growth phase and no later than 14 days before harvest.
Strawberry and raspberry0.55003After the spring vegetation starts. Then every 14 days.
Fruit trees and bushes0.5-0.7500-10002Budding phase. Then in the fruit growth period.
Grassland0.52002-3From the start of spring vegetation until mid-September – 7-10 days after each swath/grazing.
Seed treatment
CropDosage Application
Cereals0.25-0.3 kg/1 t of seedsIt can be applied together with seed dressings.
Potatoes0.3-0.6 kg/1 t of tubersIt can be applied together with seed dressings.
Vegetables0.7-1.2 kg/1 t of seedsIt can be applied together with seed dressings.