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Trends in Agriculture for the Year 2023 – “Sustainable Development” Conference

“Sustainable Development” – the motto of the CALDENA® conference

During the event, issues related to global trends in agriculture were discussed. Participants could get acquainted with the wide product range of CALDENA® and expand their knowledge in the field of biological products and available forms of financing, as well as Agro insurance.

Biologisation of Agriculture v. Sustainable Development

The first lecture was held by a university professor from the Department of Biology and Plant Protection of the Bydgoszcz University of Technology. He focused on the role of microbiological preparations in the field of sustainable agricultural development. What role do biological preparations play in agriculture? Why are biological products a must in today’s agricultural crop fertilisation technology?
The eminent scientist explained the functions of microorganisms in providing plants with nutrients (NPK, S, Fe) and elucidated their role in the production of substances that stimulate plant growth (phytohormones) and in the decomposition of crop residues. Then he discussed the mechanism of microorganisms’ contribution to plant protection. He also pointed out that soil organisms play an important role in the processes of detoxification and bioremediation.

Which foliar fertilizers available on the market are the best?

At the conference solutions to the challenges faced by modern agriculture were presented. Experts familiarised the participants with the portfolio of CALDENA® products created on the basis of knowledge, experience and modern technologies.
“CALDENA® promotes the idea of sustainable development. Therefore, we approach the issue of environmental responsibility with the utmost care and comply with the requirements that ensure the highest quality and safety of our products,” said the speaker.
It is worth mentioning that Agravita® products have enjoyed unflagging popularity for over ten years. The biggest hits include Agravita® Aktiv 48 and Agravita® Aktiv 70.

MicroSpeed® Energy Foliar Plant Biostimulator

The MicroSpeed® Energy foliar biostimulator with the revolutionary CBI technology, which was added to the CALDENA® portfolio in 2023, aroused great interest among the participants. Its distinctiveness is evidenced by the unique combination of two active substances contained in MicroSpeed® Energy: CBI (Chlorophyll Breakdown Inhibitor) and pidolic acid, also known as pyraglutamic acid. The CBI prevents premature degradation of chlorophyll as a result of stress factors (drought, high salinity, high temperatures) or plant aging. It significantly increases the concentration of chlorophyll and extends the vegetation period of plants. In turn, pidolic acid, which is a precursor to the formation of glutamic acid necessary in the nitrogen cycle of plants, improves nitrogen assimilation and neutralises the accumulation of toxic ammonia in plants during stress. In the next part of the speech, the speakers discussed the spring strategy of foliar fertilisation of cereals, rape, potato and beetroot with the use of CALDENA® products.

Opinions on Biological Products

The benefits of using Synergia® microbiological products were discussed on the basis of key products from CALDENA’s offer. “Synergia® Blue is a preparation with a multifunctional effect, intended for spraying and watering the soil as well as treating seeds and tubers. It contains a complex of bacteria and fungi extracted from the natural environment, which are tested both in modern laboratories and in the fields. Thanks to the effective interaction of microorganisms, Synergia® Blue supports the provision of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to plants, reduces the development of diseases and increases resistance to drought,” explained the speaker. Then she discussed Synergia® Split – a product intended for the decomposition of post-harvest residues, which consists of 7 types of highly specialized microorganisms with a concentration of 1×10^9. The bacteria contained in Synergia® Split secrete hydrolytic enzymes that accelerate the decomposition of straw components: cellulose, hemicellulose and hard-to-decompose lignin.

Kieserite, i.e. MacroSpeed® Green Fertilizer with Magnesium and Sulphur Through the Eyes of an Ampol-Merol Expert

In the next speech, the Product Innovation Director from Ampol-Merol presented the granulated magnesium-sulphur MacroSpeed® Green fertilizer of the highest quality. It contains a very high concentration of magnesium and sulphur, which are completely soluble in water and quickly absorbed by plants. It is a universal fertilizer (in terms of soil type, plant type and time of application) and does not cause soil acidification. “MacroSpeed® Green is a returnable investment: it increases the efficiency of nitrogen utilisation, improving the yield and quality of crops and increasing the profitability of production, while reducing the negative impact of agricultural production on the environment,” he emphasised.

Agravita® Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate Foliar Fertilizer

The conference could not do without a presentation of our bestseller, Agravita® Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate fertilizer, which was qualified by the jury of the “Izydory 2023” Award in the “Farmer-Friendly Product” category to the first stage of the competition. “Agravita® Magnesium Sulphate is an EU fertilizing product, whose quality and safety is confirmed by the CE marking. The modern production technology used allows to obtain a crystal form that dissolves in water quickly and completely.”

Agro Insurance

Financial solutions for agriculture were presented by experts with longstanding experience. Speeches were held by representatives of the Agrokasa company. The invited guests took a particular interest in the presentation of a representative of the CUK Ubezpieczenia insurance agency. The most attention-grabbing issues concerned farmers’ liability insurance, insurance of agricultural buildings and crops, as well as insurance of livestock.

Agriculture in the Year 2023

We believe that thanks to the rich programme of the conference, the participants expanded their knowledge, which will pay off in their daily work in the future.
The process of biologisation of agriculture, implementation of the provisions of the Green Deal, the use of revolutionary biostimulators in fertilisation technologies, as well as the possibility of using a wide range of financial solutions will certainly raise agriculture under the aegis of Caldena to a much higher level. We wish that both for you and for ourselves.